The 《 news and world report website reports that the netherlands wants to change its name:" nedland "doesn't want you to call it" the netherlands "again, causing heated domestic media debate and some misunderstanding. However, the truth is...


Holland or the original Holland! No change of name, but a new national logo, aimed at reshaping the international image of the Netherlands, to further enhance the outside world's comprehensive understanding of the Netherlands.


Before that, the official name of the Netherlands had always been the Kingdom of the Netherlands, which was Koninkrijkder Nederlanden and The Kingdom of the Netherlands, or The Netherlands.


It doesn't matter whether it's still in the clouds or not, because the word \"Netherlands\" or \"Holland\" is used to refer to the Netherlands.


The capital, Amsterdam, both recognizes marijuana as legal and has a legal red light district and an unashamed sex culture, and it's no wonder it's the top city for young people under 30 in the world who want to live most!


But it is also not entirely open and bold, the second largest city of Rotterdam shy but romantic, literary and full of spirit. avant-garde architecture and lovely windmills also attract tourists around the world.


Holland, still quiet, leisurely. In the cultural town of The Hague, you can live here for a few days to see the slow life of Yun Yun Shu, not boring, not boring, will only feel the time to stop here.


The canals in the sunset, the fairy-tale windmills, the vast tulips, and the beautiful girls in the red light district are all Nedland you never knew, with its infinite beauty and long history.


The reflection of the canal, the cruise ship, the jingling tram, the tulip-filled park that rides through like a bicycle, and the best years. The ubiquitous tulips and bikes are the name cards of the city.


In the Amsterdam cruise, even if this matter again visitor, also extremely attracts me. The canal is both a testament to Amsterdam's prosperity and commerce and a hallmark of the city, even being listed as a World Heritage Site in 2010. Sitting on a glass-top boat looking at the rows of 17th-century gabled roof buildings, feel the city's enigmatic sexiness and tenderness.


Through the glass windows of the boat, you can see the colorful ancient gable buildings on both sides of the strait. The enthusiastic local boatman will tell you the history and the story without meanness, will certainly let you take advantage of the happy return.


Speaking of Amsterdam's most popular museums, the top must be the Van Gogh Museum. Van Gogh's life is the largest museum in the world.


More than 200 paintings, more than 500 sketches, and almost all the letters were arranged according to his life. Every day there is a constant stream of art lovers making pilgrimages here, and for Van Gogh fans, this is the best starting point for the pursuit of this art master.


The National Museum of Amsterdam, a national museum of history and art in the Netherlands, is known for its collection of works from the \"Golden Age\" of the Netherlands. Designed by the famous Dutch architect Pierre Cuypers, it combines Gothic and Renaissance style and is magnificent.


Walking into the museum, you can see the green and mellow gardens all around, combined with red brick walls and rich reliefs, giving off a magnificent palace style and a strong artistic flavor.


The museum has a total of four floors, with more than 1,000 art objects in nearly 100 exhibition halls, including five categories of famous paintings, carvings, decorations, treasures and prints. The classic works of the world's top artists mirror reflect the development of Dutch culture and world art. So if the world had the ultimate beauty, it might have been hidden in the Amsterdam National Museum.


There is no doubt that Rembrandt is one of the most accomplished painters in the world, whose name has been worshipped for centuries, and his story has been mentioned countless times. All you have to do is gaze at the many colors on his luxurious canvas, the Jewish bride, fine, partial, real, and lifelike, and everything like yesterday, can feel his charm deeply.


With many classics in the field of art, it has a collection of 450,000 volumes of auction and catalogue collections in the painting world since 1885. It's the largest and oldest public library of art history research in the Netherlands and the oldest shock I've ever seen in any library.


How special is this city in Amsterdam? From gay marriage and the legalization of marijuana. On top of that, Amsterdam has a world-famous red-light district, DeWallen, which lights up bright red lights every night, with a heavily made-up, scratchy-looking woman behind each window.


We walk through the neon-lit streets, through colorful windows, feel open, experience respect, and finally understand why, for many, the Netherlands is in some sense the place of freedom they dream of.


Every morning, Amsterdam merchants ship elaborate flowers and plants to shops by the canal. This is arguably the brightest and most fragrant place in Amsterdam.


Ordinary or rare tulips are available, and there are all sorts of flower-related things, bulbs, potted plants, dried flowers, seeds... In addition, you can also buy cheap tourist souvenirs.


Transportation: Take tram Nos.1,2,5,11 to Koningsplein Station (West Gate of Singh Flowers Square); or take tram Nos.4,9,16,24,25 to Muntplein Station (East Gate of Singh Flowers Square).


The Dutch's love of tulips reached an almost obsessive state, and at the same time, the Dutch tulips were so famous that they attracted all the world's flower lovers that every spring, during the tulip season, visitors from all over the world came to Holland and poured into the world's largest bulb garden, Kukenhoff Park in the Netherlands.


The Dutch spring begins with the Cuckenhoff Garden, one of the world's five largest gardens, where you can see the world's most fully-bred tulips, rent a bike to roam the endless fields of flowers by riding; and raft the lake and hang around. Every year there are different themes that keep you from year to year. In spring, please pack me and throw me into the Dutch flower field.


Come to Rotterdam, don't forget to take a good look at the harbour style, but also do not miss the peach-blossom windmill village and innovative avant-garde modern architecture, in Rotterdam this haven is all possible.


To see a windmill in Holland, is a romantic dream of many girls, I am no exception. When he came to the children's dike to watch the old windmill standing quietly, a breeze blowing, the top of the windmill impeller gently swing with the wind, cannot help humming the \"white windmill \".


It is said that 19 windmills will only turn together in the summer months of July-September to form a spectacular view, and I arrived in early June, the windmill is still quiet, quiet as a shy girl. We also entered the ancient windmill interior visit, revisited the last century windmill people hard but happy life.


Built in the 1980s, the block house was designed by Piet Blom, a well-known Dutch architect. A total of 38 groups of bright yellow square houses formed a row of houses, the same size, shape and color of the inclined cube, arranged in a semi-arc-like arrangement, like a huge Rubik's Cube into a bridge, constitute the city of Rotterdam a strange landscape.


Block houses, which have been around for more than 40 years, are extremely personalized and stylish even in today's complex. Out of the box house, standing in the center of the complex, looking up as if standing in the autumn forest. The main tone of yellow, plus bright blue sky and white clouds, let the box house particularly dazzling, walking on the road can be seen from a distance.


What kind of food market can hold the world's street food? This answer, the Arcade Market can be answered. The Netherlands arcade market, which opened in 2014, has become a new \"feminized\" landmark of the typical reinforced concrete construction city of Rotterdam through soft arched buildings and regional gastronomy.


However, the uniqueness of the market lies not only in its shape and size, but also in the way it combines its different functions. Only in Rotterdam can we find a combination of food shops, restaurants, supermarkets and underground parking, as well as covered fresh food markets and apartment buildings.


However, despite the unique architectural style, this vegetable market, the world's own food ah! Can be said to be the comprador gift and punch the same place.


The city of The Hague is beautiful, with few people, but as an administrative center, the business is well developed, the life is convenient, and living here is very comfortable. Everywhere are retro red trams, lined with canals, lined with open daffodils, with a sense of idleness.


In the centre of the hague, a renaissance-style mansion built by the 17th-century brazilian governor holds many famous paintings of the dutch national treasure. Although the size of the building cannot be compared to that of the Amsterdam State Gallery, it also has some of the finest works of the Dutch Golden Age.


Most of the people who come here are supposed to be here for her? Inadvertently looking back, slightly opened pink lips, clean and bright eyes - so quietly looking at her, the heart was also taken away by her, this soul-stirring charm will come from Vermeer's \"girl wearing pearl earrings \".


Sivaningen Beach is near The Hague, allowing you to enjoy the sunshine, water and beach from the centre of The Hague to the coast of Sivaningen by car in just 10 minutes. The sea on the beach of sivaningen is not as blue as the mediterranean, it's darker, but it's hovering on a particularly white sandy beach.


In addition to a wide variety of beach activities, you can also go to casinos, shopping malls, digital cinemas, or find a delicious seafood restaurant to eat. The palace-style hotel built near the sea has been a social place for upper-class society since ancient times.


Museum Voorlinden is a privately owned center of modern art, a small museum of non-traditional destinations. A chemical and food additive factory tycoon's private art collection, with its unique taste but not lofty, will break your stereotype of modern art.


The most popular is this swimming pool. The bottom of the pool is painted blue, the upper layer is filled with water, the middle is separated by glass, and the lower layer is for tourists to walk. Very different sense of space, but also very interesting artistic ideas!


In The Hague, you will see gentle Mr. Tree and good-looking Red House, as well as introverted government office buildings and dark Gothic castles; you will hear the jingle of old-fashioned trams and the pleasant bells of churches; you will smell the fresh sea and breathe the breath of aristocrats in the air.


Many say the Hague is boring and quiet relative to Amsterdam. However, some people are so pure and leisurely. Sitting on a bench, looking at the European-style castle across the river from time to time, looking at the swans in the river, and looking up at the blue sky through the crevices of the leaves, it's just tempting to indulge in this leisure.


In addition to the main cities, there are countless small villages in the netherlands, not only convenient transportation, but also beautiful scenery, but also with delicious snack beer to rent a car or row a boat, all around the scenery.


Dehar Castle is the largest castle in the Netherlands and has so far been inhabited. Although its shape is not the fairy tale of the new swan castle, nor the royal temperament of the British castle, it is more like the medieval knight's castle, romantic and full of mystery atmosphere.


The outside of the castle is an oversized garden, which allows you to spend most of the day without going inside. I hear the castle is a prototype of MiyazakiHayao's animated \"Hal's Moving Castle \".


Venice in the Netherlands. You can go in by boat. The beauty of Yangjiao Village is that it has water, the river is crisscrossed in the village to form a network, it printed all things on the water to make the space extend to the water, the electric boat kept crossing the water, but also cut the quiet, with the river will have a bridge, countless bridges on the river to form a beautiful landscape.


The beauty of Yangjiao Village lies in its villagers, very admire their houses are not the same, but also very admire them in front of the house behind the clean and beautiful, more admire them have love of life, enjoy the values of life.


In the northern city of Utrecht, there is a small village called Oud-Zuilen, where the windmills are still useful as the power of the mill. Go to this ancient village, will see a river flowing through the whole village, the river is colorful houses, people's life is comfortable and happy, as if isolated from the world of paradise.


For a five-year visa, you can apply for a multiple-entry visa to the Netherlands valid for up to five years. If a friend who has already successfully entered a fingerprint in the eu visa system wants to apply for a visa again within five years, there is no need to submit an application and enter the fingerprint again.


Application Place: The following cities can apply for a Dutch visa: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Fuzhou, Jinan, Nanjing, Shenyang, Changsha, Kunming, Wuhan, Xi'an. (Go north to Guangzhou, Chongqing has been opened) by then friends do not have to travel by fingerprints!

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