Throughout the mountains and rivers, or the most beautiful hometown. Whether it is winter or spring, the scenery of the hometown is always nostalgic. I am not native to Shijiazhuang, but grew up here, this is my second hometown. As a \"train pull\" city, Shijiazhuang has been ridiculed by many people for its lack of history, in fact, they do not understand the weight of the province, let alone see the city grow and change with each passing day. Over the decades, the city has grown from no tall buildings to bright lights, from a few parks to the present green space, really more and more beautiful, and more people do not want to leave.


And as a regular walking outside Shijiazhuang people, every winter, I do not love to go out, like cats in Zhuang, around, looking for their favorite scenery, Luquan is the most common place to go.


In recent years, the tourism industry is very popular, every holiday, it seems that every scenic spot is overcrowded, and shijiazhuang, in this east wind, in the original mountain-based environment, also built several water system ancient towns, deer spring deming ancient town is one of the chuqiao. After all, I have seen many famous ancient towns in the last few years, some of which have really existed for thousands of years, and some have been built in recent years.


Early to the ancient town of Deming, I do not know how to guide the navigation, the car drove directly to the hillside, overlooking the distance, it seems that the whole town is at the foot. The official said that the two-kilometer-long ancient town of the Western Minister, Qing Deming, had been built in the form of the famous Chinese painting \"Qingming Shanghe Tu\" to create a block of ancient buildings with customs and customs, including Xingye Garden, Food Garden, Belle Garden, Mai Wan Yuan, College, Pear Garden and other ancient buildings, such as academies, restaurants, teahouses, post stations and workshops, to experience the ancient style of the Qingming Shanghe Tu.


When he got here, he felt that the town had his own style. The whole town was built on the mountain, separated by water, and separated by a layer of water. Although it was winter, and the water was not frozen, it was still sparkling, and the ripples poured down the mountain and filled the town with life. Calm down, sitting by the river, not only can hear the sound of gurgling water, but also accompanied by classical slow music, it feels like a world away.


From the east entrance of the ancient town of Deming, down a steep slope, walking dozens of meters, you will see a courtyard: Leshan courtyard, the door wall is hung on the \"Hebei Province Yuanqu Research Society\" sign. Why would there be a provincial Yuanqu Institute here?


According to the records of Luquan County, a generation of great literary magnates asked, when he lived in Lushi Garden in his later years (the name of Luquan Xining state at that time), he went all over the mountains and rivers of Ningzhou and left his poems and legends in Longquan Temple. At the age of sixty-seven, he died of illness in Bailuquan, and his epitaph now contains detailed records of his residence in Luquan for seven years. And the ancient town named \"de Ming \", the name will be taken from the father of yuan good question\" yuan de Ming \".


Hebei Yuanqu Research Association listed here, meaning to introduce the Yuanqu culture into the design of the ancient town of Deming, because of the history of the potential, to increase the cultural heritage of the West Minister Qing scenic spot. It also proved that the design of the ancient town skillfully combined the basic elements of the Yuan qu, leaning on the mountains and water, on the potential dislocation, like the Yuan qu up, down, turn, together. And the stage, the academy, the tea shop, the restaurant, the post station, the workshop, the lodging has many names also comes from the Yuan qu, to this point, while walking will have more experience.


Passed by the town of demin closed pavilion, gradually lively. A shop, along the mountain road in turn, all over the country famous food, special products, can be found here. Although there are many similar to small town shops, but also have their own style. For example, after a post office, decorated both ancient and modern. Although it is still in the production, but its style is very fashionable. Not only can you see the first day of many years ago, but also you can buy the unique postcard of the ancient town of Deming, and you can affix the seal of each representative scenic spot of the ancient town of Deming on your own, and mail it to those who want to mail it.


Out of the post office, along the ancient town of stone road all the way forward, found that the buildings here, mostly imitation of the Qing Dynasty hard mountain-style buildings, single-story or tall buildings, are based on the terrain. Many buildings come from the Yuan qu.


Such as Yangchun Lou, Yangchun should tune Yuanqu card: Yuanchun song. For example, Qingfeng Lou, should be taken from the \"Huang Zhong Man Full Moon \":\" Ten years of planting wood, a year of grain, all pay children. The old man is the only one who wakes up the moon and gets drunk.


But in the march, the most striking is a wall, writing the founder of the Yuanqu Yuan to ask the whole song: touch the fish son Yanqiu ci. In particular, the sentence \"ask the world, what is love, directly teach life and death? The sky, the north and the south fly, the old wings several times cold and summer. A few years ago, reading mr. jin yong's \"god carving chivalrous lover,\" the first time to see, once infatuated with no. Now think of this kind of love still let people envy.


Although it is winter, but the ancient town has the smell of spring, roadside decorated with fake peach blossom from a distance, is still peach red willow green, card photo is very beautiful. And the overall design of the ancient town, step by step, winding path. From time to time will meet some chic shops, very surprised. At the commanding point of the whole town, there is such a shop. Walking in, someone is printing a word, completely hand-made, very interesting. If you like, you can also try the fun of printing yourself.


Unconsciously, the time to noon, the shops are more and more lively. Snacks from all over the country in turn, meat steamed bun, donkey meat burning, Beijing brine cooking, seafood, bean curd, small hemp, overbearing gluten, one noodles. Feel everything, although the price is not cheap, but the taste is really good, the weight is also very sufficient. A little dessert after dinner, ice cream, sweet potato slices, Tomatoes on sticks, and so on.


Warm afternoon sun, is intoxicated in the delicious Tomatoes on sticks, suddenly heard more sound, a little confused. Then a man with a big braid passed by, shouting:\" Tomatoes on sticks, ice-sugar gourd!\" At that moment, it wasn't the night.


When the mind is back on track, the body changes to choose to move on, unconsciously walked to the big yuan opera building, the stage someone is performing, babbling, one person plays two corners, the audience below, drinking tea, basking in the sun is really pleasant. I can't help to join the excitement, probably too comfortable, can't help but want to sleep, the time is not waiting for ah, or go on.


Go back to the other way, past the water's promenade. The corridor is really beautiful ah, winding twists and turns, from a distance, a lot of colorful lanterns hanging on the top of the corridor. Walking in the meantime, the red gallery column painted a variety of Yuanqu zaju story, and with poetry. The drawing character line is smooth and vivid, the inscription poem handwriting is elegant and nimble, may savor slowly. Looking out over the railing, the water ripples, the red pavilion is independent, a school of Jiangnan charm


Slowly out of Mingde ancient town, the scenery is infinite, so very reluctant to give up. I can't help thinking that although the ancient town of Deming has been built for a few years, it is built according to the mountains, pavilions and pavilions, like Jiangnan. Not only has the six garden eight lane 12 scenery, eats the clothing to live, everything is complete. It can also touch the grace of the prosperous period of the Yuan Dynasty, and can relax in the landscape. Why don't you call friends next time?


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