When it comes to radiation, will the first thing that pops out of your mind be a leaked nuclear power plant or hospital X - ray test? However, recently dalian customs inspection has found that the danger is lurking around us in a seemingly healthy way.


Customs officials at dalian zhoushuizi airport found that a passenger on a flight from japan had triggered an alarm for a nuclear radiation instrument as they crossed security. Staff stopped the passengers and tested them one by one. A round golden stone plate was found in a young passenger's backpack.


According to the Chinese character on the golden stone plate, it should be called the \"five-element proton quantum energy resonator \". The young girl with the stone plate introduced that the mother spent 400 yuan to help her friends buy her safe and healthy. They heard that this is a rare \"deep-sea energy stone \", with a magical effect.


Measured by instruments, the so-called \"energy stone\" has a peak radiation dose of 112 microsieverts per hour, nearly a thousand times higher than the natural radiation standard. Generally speaking, bringing the stone to the body for a day is comparable to doing nearly a hundred chest radiographs. In the latest complete list of carcinogens released by the World Health Organization, the \"energy stone\" contains thorium-232 elements, which are also classified as class 1 carcinogens.


At that time we saw the girl was not very good, is relatively pale, and then later after the girl's own memories, said that the three months with this stone often bleeding nose, we suspected that is related to the stone.


Not only does this wear harm to oneself, but also does a radiation to the surrounding people, and it also harms others, fortunately, the radiation radius is not very large, for example, we leave this stone half a meter, we measure normal.


Now, in addition to dizziness and nosebleeds, girls have to go through medical observations for one to six months to see if they have any other health damage. She abandoned the \"energy stone \", which was stored in lead boxes by customs authorities, pending handover to local environmental authorities.


The year before, dalian customs had intercepted a piece of thunderstone brought back from japan, with a radiation value of 850 microsif per hour, more than 6000 times. The traveler said he planned to cut the stones into small pieces to make a health bracelet. Last april, dalian customs also intercepted 18\" fuel-saving cards.\" The card, with its so-called negative-ion reaction technology, can make fuel molecules smaller and put on the car, which can save fuel, merchants say. But in fact, the nuclide radiation of the card is nearly 60 times higher. In addition to buying from overseas, some domestic e-commerce companies are selling similar \"magic goods\" publicly.


After testing, the main ingredients of these \"negative ions powder\" are thorium, uranium, radium and other radioactive elements, but has been declared by merchants to purify the air, promote metabolism, enhance disease resistance and other effects, and even people to water it, spraying at home. Cops worry that dust particles, once eaten in the mouth and sucked into the lungs, will become irradiated in the body, leading to a greater risk of cancer. There are no shortcuts to health, not to rely on crooked ways, regular lifestyle, reasonable diet structure, adequate physical exercise, is the only way to scientific health care.